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We are The Blue Hour

Three Women Informally Collaborating on Photography
With a nod to improvisational jazz, wide-open possibilities, and the liminal spaces of time


After meeting in an on-line photo salon, Vin Sharma, Lisa Jayce, and Emily Passino have begun exploring how to work on photography together.  Partly because we are at different stages in life and bring different cultural backgrounds to the conversation, we are interested in examining time -

seasons, transitions, hours of the day, the arc of life.

As an early exercise, we are constructing a series of visual conversations - triptychs - with each one of us contributing a prompt photograph, which the others build upon. During this process, at times, the response photos have led to entirely different sequences.  Often the initial image has wound up in the middle or at the end of the arrangement.  But in all cases, each photographer has contributed one photo to the triptych,

and all three photographers agree that the story has been found.

​    Living in different cities, we have been collaborating virtually. Not only has The Blue Hour become a source of creativity for us, but it has also forged a friendship grounded in our love of photography, imagination, and expression. We are drawing energy from our dialogues about connections and the stories between our images,

looking forward to seeing where this all may lead.

We invite others to consider what our work might say to them as well.

The Blue Hour Featured Work

'When My Other Normal isn't Normal" 

Group Photography Exhibition

Traveling Exhibit Sponsored by Ella Briggs Boyer Endowment Fund

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center , Wheaton, Illinois

May 2023

'Call and Response'

Project feature and interview published by 'The Pictorial List'

March 2023

Member, 2023 Photographers

'The Pictorial List'

A global online magazine featuring photographers from around the world.

Project feature and talk for the St Albert's Camera Club, Alberta, Canada

October 2022

Published in SHOTS magazine, Issue no. 55, 'Portfolios / Collaborations'

Spring 2022

Members, 'Close to Home' Photography Salon

Led by NYC Photographer and Educator James Maher

Lisa Jayce

A New York City based photographer, Lisa Jayce makes images exploring what feels unresolved within her heart and mind, within the lives of others (those who share their stories), and within the natural world. Her work is informed by a deep interest in psychology, the art of storytelling, and the interplay of light and shadow to evoke emotion. She is also fascinated by the process of deciding what is present and absent within a frame.

Over the past two years, Lisa Jayce has taken workshops through the International Center for Photography (ICP) and participated in various online photo salons. While her current areas of focus include macro, contemplative, and street photography, she hopes to expand her perspective and continually grow as an artist.

BH 22.jpg

Emily Passino

A Nashville photographer, Emily Passino explores the nature of contemporary culture through shooting social landscapes.  Currently a small group moderator in the Close to Home Photo Salon, and active with various Nashville photography groups, Emily continues to take classes and workshops, seek out museums and galleries, and experiment with different approaches.

Emily’s work has been published in SHOTS magazine, Connect/Disconnect, and a book of poetry, Versioning Sappho Versioning. She has also had work selected in group shows at the Zeitgeist Gallery, the Frist Art Museum, Chromatics, and various other local galleries.   


Vin Sharma

A daughter of immigrants from India, raised in Canada and based in Brooklyn, New York, Vin Sharma  explores the connectivity  of our lives. Documenting the vast range of human emotion, she visually displays our effect on each other and the world around us. Vin's work engages the viewer through a language of shared experiences.

Vin has been featured in SHOTS magazine, The Pictorial List, ICP's 'Global Images for Global Crisis' and Feature Shoot. Vin has also exhibited her work at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad, NYC's Foley Gallery, Les Alizes​ St. Gilles Croix de Vie, France (Festival P'il Ours), The Blank Wall Gallery in Athens and the 5th International Photo Festival in Crete. Vin was also one of the recipients of Canada's prestigious Allard Prize for International Integrity in 2021.

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